It's my Horse

The Story

The Idea Was Born

Born in 2014, ItsMyHorse was created for our own private boarding business. We were tired of keeping up with the paperwork and the reminders of appointments and worrying about finding the necassary paperwork in a hurry.

It wasn't but a few months of being live that other barns asked about using our system and in 2016 we registered and became a public option for barn and horse owners alike. Managing our servers in Kennett Square, PA the site grew to having the data for over 1,000 horses in less than a year. As time went on we had barns registering up and down the east coast and we needed to upgrade away from our local server hosting to tolerate the demand of usage our servers were receiving. In 2018 we moved our servers to Orlando Florida in the Host Dime data center to allow reach to faster broadband providers and redundant power ensuring 100% uptime our services.

The Growth Continues

Today we are the largest online resource for equine cloud management. We now run admin operations for barns all over the world and help keep the sanity of the barn owner by handling the little tasks. Our invoicing system that is included for free with all barn manager accounts has been a life saver to clients all over the world. The creators of ItsMyHorse own and run a boarding facility on a daily basis so we are always changing or modifying the features offered to ensure your business runs smooth. Quite simply, our prices cannot be beat with the services we offer. All online, in the cloud secure and accessible anywhere in the world.