It's my horse

Built for Horse Owners

Thanks for checking out our features! We have lost records over the years that one day we always find ourselves needing however we couldn't find an affordable solution. We decided to create the ultimate horse records solution that everyone could afford and make it easier then ever to use! This list is compiled with all of the features that we offer dedicated to horse owners. This site was created by horse owners so we had a good idea from the start what features we knew horse owners would benefit from

Feature Live or Release Date
Store all horse records in the cloud
Create a permanent profile for your horse
Add joint owners of horse
Easily transfer ownership of horses
Share your records with vet and farriers
Never lose a horse record again with our secure storage
Access your records on the fly and anywhere in the world
Site is 100% mobile friendly - access anywere
Boarding your horse? - Share them with the barn
Allow barn managers to view and add records
No one other then you can delete records once added
Email reminders for vet appointments/shots/coggins June 2019
Your data 100% encrypted and stored safely in the cloud